CannaScore Licenses its Award Winning Cannabis Compliance Software to The List Exchange

As experts in wholesale marijuana, the company will use CannaScore to help growers improve their operations and demonstrate compliance to all regulations


CannaScore, the developers of the world’s first real-time regulatory compliance and auditing software for the marijuana industry, announced that its has granted a license to The List Exchange.

CannaScore is an award-winning software driven and cloud-based program that provides compliance auditing and identifies areas of concern to allow business owners to take corrective action, before problems ensue. CannaScore helps keep cannabis-related businesses compliant with their state regulations, and is a powerful tool for marijuana companies wishing to avoid fines, license revocation, or closure.

The List Exchange was established in February of 2011 as the first business-to-business marketplace for licensed cannabis products in Colorado. In addition to their successful wholesale market, The List Exchange provides market research and data services, brand development, pest mitigation solutions, and consulting services to every license type nationwide.

“I am excited to be able to employ CannaScore to help our growers and dispensary operators quickly and easily navigate the complicated regulations that we must abide,” said Roberto Lopesino Seidita, Founder of The List Exchange. “Using CannaScore, we can now help any cannabis business operate in a worry-free zone, knowing that their procedures from A-to-Z are in perfect compliance and running smoothly.”

“We are pleased to be working with Roberto and the team at The List Exchange,” Greg Gamet co-founder of CannaScore stated. “We believe that with Roberto’s vast knowledge on growing and wholesaling, he will be able to help many Colorado cannabis growers fine-tune their operations to not only stay within all regulations, but to also enhance protocols and improve profits.”

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About CannaScore:

CannaScore is the industry’s first auditing and compliance software that provides real-time scoring and analysis for the overall health of any recreational or medical marijuana dispensary, grow facility, or manufacturer. Created by cannabis compliance experts, CannaScore exceeds the Marijuana Enforcement Division’s audit procedures, and provides real time reports, photos, and reminders that simplify the otherwise arduous audit process and helps keep companies running smoothly.

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