Cannabis Compliance: a painstaking but essential task

marijuana-dispensary-portland-or1With the rapid growth of the legal cannabis industry and the myriad of regulations that are continually added to the marijuana rule-book, it can be hard if not impossible for cannabis entrepreneurs to stay aware of all the rules and regulations.

Cities like Oakland, California, for example, are working on new standards for medical marijuana dispensaries. Meanwhile in Colorado, state lawmakers are struggling to create a certification program for commercial marijuana growers that would eventually lead to a “pesticide-free” certification for cannabis products.

All these changes mean legal marijuana companies now have to deal with local rules and regulations that might have hundreds of pages of detail, and that are evolving at a rate that makes it a challenge to stay on top of those laws.

“We deal with the complex rules that govern the legal cannabis industry everyday,” says Greg Gamet, the CEO and founder of cannascore, the leading commercial cannabis compliance firm in the U.S. “We sometimes know the rules better than the regulators themselves, and are often working in an advisory capacity to the legislators and their teams, to keep them abreast of the ‘real-world’ changes and implications in the cannabis market.”

Through their corporate headquarters in Denver, CannaScore serves clients nationwide, and helps legal cannabis vendors navigate their way through an increasingly-complex web of government prohibition and regulatory issues.

CannaScore works with companies; training their staffs on issues such as official inspections, assessment programs, product development and operating procedures.

Unfortunately, most legal cannabis companies think they are compliant, when in fact, they are not, according to Gamet.

“Business owners have a thousand tasks put before them everyday and their attention is divided,” Gamet said. “Its not that anyone is purposefully trying to break regulations, it is just that it is a full time job to keep up with the rules. That’s where we come in and can help.”


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