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How To Grow Your Own Purple Buds


Most people have no doubt seen or at least heard of purple weed or purple bud (not to be confused with Purple Haze). You may have even asked yourself how one goes about making purple weed?


Is purple weed better or stronger than regular green colored weed? Should I be paying more for purple weed? Firstly, to put a couple of those questions to bed. Purple weed has absolutely no difference in strength or potency at all. It is merely a physical characteristic of the plant. Thus no, you should not be paying more for purple buds unless you love the color so much you are willing to pay more for it.

It’s not a well-kept secret that the key to creating the very cool looking purple shade in both the leaves and the buds is temperature. Specifically cooler temperatures. However before we ahead of ourselves temperature is just the first of two factors. The first step to getting purple bud is selecting the correct seed. In order to turn purple, your plant must be high in anthocyanin. This is the same pigment that makes eggplant and blueberries purple. Examples of strains that are high in anthocyanin are Blue Mystic, Blue Cheese, Haze Berry, Northern Light Automatic and Bluematic.

The next step is to create the correct temperature. Anthocyanin is typically hidden by the stronger pigments in chlorophyll. During the fall months, however, the green pigments break down. This causes the anthocyanin to come out. In other strains, it can cause yellow, gold or blue pigments to come out. Assuming you have selected the correct strain keeping it at slightly under 50 degrees during the flowering stage, turn the temperature down during the night cycle. It should sit below 50 degrees Fahrenheit or 10 degrees Celsius. The bud should begin to purple about two weeks before harvest.

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