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Most Cannabis Businesses are Out of Compliance

CannaScore provides an automated, repeatable and continually updated software solution and services to simplify management of regulatory compliance for cannabis businesses.
Who needs CannaScore?

Owners/Operators: Monitor and track compliance, train employees, reduce risk and simplify compliance management so you can focus on your business.

Banks and Insurance Companies: Accurately quantify risk with cannabis-specific inspections, due
diligence and ongoing Know Your Customer requirements and efforts.

Landlords and Realtors: Increase your knowledge of the canna-business regulations and avoid government seizure of property, conduct smart business with proper tenant screening and regulatory monitoring, and make informed choices about the nature and degree of risks.


Regulatory Authorities: Automate, simplify, standardize and easily document in detail cannabis compliance enforcement efforts, train enforcement officers and support a robust regulatory framework that protects communities, maximizes tax revenue and keeps cannabis businesses out of the hands of criminals.


CannaScore conquers the challenges of regulated cannabis commerce. Our services reduce the risk, cost, and complexity for responsible cannabis vendors and governments in the process of transitioning from prohibition to regulation.

We provide compliance solutions through compliance software, training resources, inspections, assessments, standard operating procedure development, and in-house services. We conduct onsite training programs and certifications.

We are experts in Regulatory Affairs in the Cannabis and Hemp Industry, and are focused on driving down the cost, risk, and complexity for MMJ and marijuana businesses and regulatory agencies.

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